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General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!

  • This is a torrent site which promotes sharing amongst the community. If you are not willing to give back to the community what you take from it, this site is not for you. That means that low ratio may result in severe consequences, including banning. Check FAQ for acceptable ratios.
  • Do not upload our torrents to other trackers! (See the FAQ for details.)
  • Please, no obscene language in comments, description, nicks or PMs. You will be warned!
Avatar Guidelines
  • The allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Be considerate. Resize your images to a width of 150 px and a size of no more than 150 KB. (Browsers will rescale them anyway: smaller images will be expanded and will not look good; larger images will just waste bandwidth and CPU cycles.)
  • Do not use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Mods have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM one.

Uploading rules - Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning or a ban

General Uploading Rules:
  • Only music, apps, music videos, movies and eBooks releases are allowed here. No games and pornography of any kind. This includes pictures, comic books, etc.
  • Duplicate torrents in any category are not allowed. For example, if a torrent exists on the site at 256kbps then no further torrents at 256kbps or lower bitrate are allowed. Significantly higher bitrate rips or different file formats of the same content are allowed.
  • If your torrent is deleted by a staff member for any reason, you can use the Log to see who deleted it and why. If you disagree with that decision, please use the PM link on the Staff page to contact that staff member. If you post in the forums about these kinds of things, the staff person involved might never see it.
  • Do not post our torrent files on other sites. Every torrent file has your personal passkey embedded in it. The tracker will automatically disable your account if you share your torrent files with others. You will not get your account back.
  • Do not advertise other sites in your torrent descriptions or comments. We don't have any advertising, you shouldn't either.
  • We're a community. Working together is what makes this place what it is. If you come across something which violates a rule, report it! Ignoring it is only damaging the community.
Music Uploading Rules:
  • Music releases must have an average bitrate >= 192kbps, regardless of the format, be properly labelled and ideally also have .m3u (playlist) file, sfv (checksumm) and covers. No transcodes or re-encodes of releases are acceptable here. LAME V2/APS, V1 and V0/APX releases are allowed to dip below average 192kbps.
  • Releases needn't be 'scene' releases, but please remember that you should use a good CD ripper ie EAC and good encoder ie LAME (or a suitable alternative) ripped with a high quality (--alt-preset standard or --alt-preset extreme or with a lossless codec such as ape or flac).
  • CD sourced music must not contain pops or clicks (rip/encode errors). They will be deleted as nuked.
  • All music torrents must be encoded with a single encoder using the same settings. This means you cannot create a torrent which contains both CBR and VBR files, or you also can't upload torrents containing a mix of APS/V2 and APX/V0.
  • Music releases must be a folder containing the music, not an archive (ie: .rar, .zip).
  • Image files like .bin, .iso and .nrg are not allowed in music torrents.
  • Web rips, podcasts, radio or TV-translations and watermarked rips are not allowed in any situation. They usually are being used for transcode. So don't upload them.
  • Music releases must include the year of release, bitrate or rough average bitrate of the track(s). Writing simply VBR is not acceptable. Release must also include the the format (MP3/FLAC/AAC/APE/WAV etc) in the torrent name and minimally a tracklisting in the description. It's better also to show cover and a little info about artist.
  • Music uploaded here must not be freely available on the web (from official sources such as record label or band websites). If you could just download from the web, so can everyone else. Uploads can be from other torrent sites but you take responsibility for determining that the music is not transcoded.
  • File names must reflect the song titles. You may not have file names like track01.mp3, track02.mp3, etc.
  • The release should contain all tracks described in tracklist. If it's not so - your torrent will be deleted.
  • All files contained in the release should be correct tagged (containing Artist, Album and Track name).
  • Torrents should never be tagged as [REQ] or [REQUEST]. If you fill a request using Requests then everyone who voted for it will be automatically notified.
Video Uploading Rules:
  • Video releases must include a year of release, format (MPEG/AVI/WMV) and source (DVDrip/TvRip/VHSRip/SVCD). In the description a minimum criteria is a tracklist (or description of a movie), videosize and sound information. Some screenshots are welcome. If you are not sure you can provide all this information - do not upload that torrent!
Application Uploading Rules:
  • App releases (whether Windows or Mac) must not be freely available tools. There are no exceptions.
  • App releases can be either a torrent of a folder or an archive, but archives must not be password protected.
  • App releases must either have a small description of the program (either taken from its website, or from an nfo) or a link to information.
  • Serial numbers should not be posted in torrent descriptions. They should be in a file (text or otherwise) contained in the torrent.
  • Torrents containing collections of cracks or keygens are not allowed. A crack or keygen for an application is only allowed in a torrent containing that application.
  • Torrents containing collections of hacking or cracking tools are not allowed.
  • Collections of pictures or wallpaper are not applications. They do not belong in this or any other category and can't be uploaded.
eBook Uploading Rules:
  • eBook releases can be either a torrent of a folder, an archive or .pdf. Archives must not be password protected.
  • Collections of pictures, posters or wallpaper are not eBooks. Do not upload them on our site.
Requesting rules
  • Only power users and higher have the ability to Requests in request section!
  • Do a search before requesting! Make sure the release isn't already posted out or requested by someone else.
  • Both old and new releases can be requested, but they should not break Music Uploading Rules (you can not request discographies or albums with bitrate below 192).
  • You can request only music releases, but not anything non-music related (no app, videos or anything else).
Multi Album Torrents:
  • Multi-album torrents are now not allowed on the site under any circumstances. That means no discographies, pitchfork compilations etc. Discographies make it a hassle for users to download individual albums and result in a lot of duplicate albums being uploaded.
  • All music torrents must be one release, so if an album is 2CDs, it is fine to upload that as a single torrent. However, uploading 2 or more different albums in one torrent is strictly forbidden. Greatest hits and best of compilations with several CDs are ok.

If you have any doubts, ask before uploading.

Rules edited 2007-09-14 (19:46 GMT)